Kim Groshek

Kim Groshek's Daily Routine

How she remains young, healthy, and organized while building her new swimsuit brand.

After 35 years of owning her own consulting business, she's pivoting since June 2023 into Entrepreneurship, with her company already setup and ready to go, she'll be helping companies pause for 15-minutes a day for either 5 days for one department or 21-days for the whole organization and moving forward towards awareness. 



Can you provide a brief overview of your entrepreneurial journey and the business you're currently involved in?

After 35 years of owning my own consulting business, I am pivoting since June 2023 into Entrepreneurialship, I have my company setup, 2 offers for elite premier client-base and 2 packages for organizations (Pausing 15-minutes a day for either 5 days one department or 21-days whole organization) and moving forward towards awareness. Right now I'm struggling to get clients because my weakness is marketing and sales, I am good with talking with people and networking but only have 1 client and no pkg sales yet.  here's the video to watch on the concept, in pilot phase right now testing out the kinks.

How do you define success, and how has your daily routine contributed to your achievements?

Reach 3 big bolder items planned to complete each day with an accountability partner to report to which helps. Following the Rainmaker business setup process plus experience working billion-size franchises (fortune 100).

Morning Routine

What time do you usually wake up, and how do you start your day?

4:30 am - meditate, hazelnut w/ creme coffee -- 5:00 drive to pool (if home) otherwise, run / walk get home around 7:30 am. dive into Marco Polo on the drive home. Dive into emails and dive in to work. Sometimes I sit outside on the deck when its warm and write with a blanket and pillow. Sometimes I stand with my standing desk my husband made for me.

Do you follow any specific morning rituals or exercises to set a positive tone for the day?

Yes - swim, shower, Aussie mist/shampoo & condition & dove liquid soap. Lotion (Jergen's extra healing/ Sometimes coconut lotion), brush teeth (mint Colgate or crest). drive home in my convertible when it's warm - top down. Sometimes treat myself to dirty chai after swim as a reward. I pause throughout the day (since I'm starting a movement Pause, unplug and breath). Sometimes I practice yoga in the sauna or hot yoga at the studio (I teach yoga and am EYRT-500 certified).

Planning and Prioritization

How do you plan and organize your tasks for the day? Do you use any specific tools or apps for task management?

Not yet, I need to get more organized, but follow my calendar which isn't always a good way to prioritize.

Could you share your approach to prioritizing tasks and making to-do lists?

Yikes, I don't and I should (it's in my head).

Workspace and Environment

Can you describe your workspace setup? What elements are crucial for your productivity?

Apple laptop (no other things). in kitchen move to living room on deck whereever I feel like working I have portable things setup. No stationary no decorative items just my home decorated.

Are there any specific tools, gadgets, or software you use to optimize your work environment?

Ai tools.

Time Management

How do you manage your time throughout the day? Are there any techniques you follow, such as time blocking or the Pomodoro technique?

Yes, I use time blocking / pomodoro technique and teach this to my clients with agreements and decisions (which is typically a missing component)

Do you delegate tasks or outsource certain activities to focus on high-value tasks?

Yes -- admin assist does onboarding (when clients will come on board) have 1 affiliate/sales for client funnel masterclass creation, 1 affiliate / sales for group packages in Texas right now plans for expands once word gets out and value is understood metrics validated through pilot by end of Dec.

Communication and Networking

How do you handle emails and communication during the workday?

Too much - very distracting and too many Emails miss some.

Are there any particular tools or platforms you use to stay connected with your team and professional network?

Not yet -- will look into CRM (Monday or something like this) for managing tasks. Right now google docs sharing and meetings or Marco Polo and chat through messenger.

Health and Well-being

What role does physical exercise play in your daily routine? How do you incorporate it into your busy schedule?

Every day, at least 1 hour up to 3 hours: swim, bike.

How do you ensure you're maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated during the day?

Well -- I eat IF6:18 right now, and manage what I eat. I have to admit I could focus on my diet better right now. I typically eat lunch at my time and eat whatever is available.

Are there any supplements or medicines you include in your daily routine to support your overall well-being? If so, could you share some details about them?


Dove Body Wash with Pump Deep Moisture 3 Count For Dry Skin Moisturizing Skin Cleanser with 24hr Renewing MicroMoisture Nourishes The Driest Skin 30.6 oz


Learning and Growth

Do you dedicate time to continuous learning or self-improvement? If so, how do you go about it?

All of the time, have 2 coaches helping me build my business plus experts on my team and a 5-person mastermind (like bod).

Are there any specific books, podcasts, or resources you find particularly valuable?

The Miracle Morning, Think and Grow Rich, God Works through Faith, and The Circle Maker (the sessions are recorded so you can stay aligned through accessing the recordings if you miss days). You get: Professional Business Coaching Great Networking Opportunities  Strategic Goal-setting 2 Year Success Plan  Increased Productivity with Results  * A Success Planner * Complete "Success By Design" Audio Training Series * Powerful Workbooks & Success Track

(Book —Mind conscious and thought, three principles (1980’s). — One thought changes everything.)

Creative and Strategic Thinking

How do you nurture your creativity and approach strategic thinking in your routine?

Pause -- breathe, walk -- read, mindful meditation, healing yoga.

Are there any practices you follow to overcome creative blocks or decision-making challenges?

Walking, swimming.

Evening Routine

How do you wind down and wrap up your workday?

Not the best, have a glass of red wine.

Are there any habits or practices you follow to ensure a restful night's sleep?

Should have a better routine before sleep. would like to improve on this, but fall asleep quickly.

Tools and Software

Are there any specific productivity apps or software you believe have been instrumental in your success?

Soft music, walk in the evening.

Advice and Insights

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone striving for success in the entrepreneurial world?

Purpose & Aim.

Is there a specific routine or practice you wish you had started earlier in your career?


Reflection and Adaptation

How often do you reflect on your daily routine and make adjustments? What prompts you to make changes?

Periodically not really a structured design, but revamp for sure around 6 months and look back and see how much I've achieved and also lessons learned, articulate this regularly and apply these strategies with my clients.

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