Demi Lauranne

Demi Lauranne's Daily Routine

How she remains young, healthy, and organized while building her 3 Social Media Agencies.

She always knew she wanted to run a business, but wasn’t sure which path to take. So she started out in Network Marketing, realized that she loved coaching people, and trained to be a coach. Whilst learning to Market her coaching business, she fell in love with Marketing. She started running social media channels for a few businesses whilst coaching. Fast forward 8 years, and she now runs 3 social media agencies. 



Can you provide a brief overview of your entrepreneurial journey and the business you're currently involved in?

I always knew I wanted to run a business, but I wasn’t sure which path to take. So I started out in Network Marketing, realized I loved coaching people, and trained to be a coach. Whilst learning to Market my coaching business, I fell in love with Marketing. I started running social media channels for a few businesses whilst coaching. Fast forward 8 years, and I now run 3 social media agencies. You can learn more about my journey here

How do you define success, and how has your daily routine contributed to your achievements?

Success to me is freedom. The freedom to travel, to be with my loved ones, to do work that I enjoy. My daily routine keeps me focused on the needle-moving tasks and makes sure I’m looking after myself. Health is a priority, without it, nothing else works.

Morning Routine

What time do you usually wake up, and how do you start your day?

I usually wake up between 7-8 am, depending on what time I go to sleep. I always aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. I start my day by going to the gym, following a plan from my PT. I then go back to the apartment and check off my list on the Me+ app. I love this app, as someone with ADHD, it helps keep me on track with everything, from how much water I drink to daily life tasks (cleaning, meal prep, etc). 

Do you follow any specific morning rituals or exercises to set a positive tone for the day?

I follow a plan from Empower for the gym, which is 4x workouts per week plus 10k steps a day. I then have a “morning refresh” after the gym, which includes showering, getting dressed, making the bed, and cleaning up the apartment. Then I sit down to work for a few hours.

Planning and Prioritization

How do you plan and organize your tasks for the day? Do you use any specific tools or apps for task management?

I use Me+ for life tasks, Notion for work tasks, and GoHighLevel for everything else. GoHighLevel has been a game-changer for my business, it’s all the systems you need rolled into one (leadforms, websites, funnels, lead tracking, email marketing, social media scheduling - you name it, it’s probably got it). 

Could you share your approach to prioritizing tasks and making to-do lists?

As I’m currently in Thailand traveling, I get my “life” tasks done in the morning, before my audience (which is mainly UK-based), is awake. I track these on the Me+ app. For work, I have 2 lists in Notion, one for priority tasks, one for other tasks that I need to do but can wait.

Workspace and Environment

Can you describe your workspace setup? What elements are crucial for your productivity?

As I travel whilst running my business, I work from a lot of different places. Usually my apartment, sometimes by the pool or in a cute cafe. I use a MacBook Air, iPhone, and a few different phone holders and lights from Amazon for content recording.

Are there any specific tools, gadgets, or software you use to optimize your work environment?

I use a ring-lighted phone stand for video recording, a small portable phone stand for video recording on-the-go, and an attachable ring light for my iPhone, for images.

Time Management

How do you manage your time throughout the day? Are there any techniques you follow, such as time blocking or the Pomodoro technique?

I use time blocking to get tasks done, which I lay out in Google Calendar and I use the forest app to stay off my phone and remain focused. The app uses the Pomodoro technique and plants a real tree every time you complete one-timer, which is great motivation for helping the environment.

Do you delegate tasks or outsource certain activities to focus on high-value tasks?

I delegate design and some social media tasks to my team. I also outsource my accounting.

Communication and Networking

How do you handle emails and communication during the workday?

I check emails in the morning when I start work. I’ll usually check them before I close my laptop for the day in case anything important needs my attention. Clients communicate via WhatsApp, I check this throughout the day, once I’ve finished a task from my list.

Are there any particular tools or platforms you use to stay connected with your team and professional network?

I mainly use Linkedin, Email, and WhatsApp for communication with my network. 

Health and Well-being

What role does physical exercise play in your daily routine? How do you incorporate it into your busy schedule?

Exercise is really important to me, it helps with my mental health and overall wellbeing. It keeps me disciplined and feels like an achievement early in the morning. I exercise before I start work every day at the gym. I incorporate it into my morning routine using the Me+ app. I also follow a set plan using my PTs app, which is called EmpowerOnline.

How do you ensure you're maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated during the day?

I follow the meal plan from Empower, which includes 3 meals and 1 snack, as well as 3.5ltrs of water a day. I track meals in MyFitnessPal and my water intake in the Me+ app.

Are there any supplements or medicines you include in your daily routine to support your overall well-being? If so, could you share some details about them?

I use protein powder from MyProtein.

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder (Chocolate Smooth, 2.2 Pound (Pack of 1))


Learning and Growth

Do you dedicate time to continuous learning or self-improvement? If so, how do you go about it?

I am always investing into my learning, I’ve taken lots of courses on social media, sales and business. 

Are there any specific books, podcasts, or resources you find particularly valuable?

For my industry, I’m signed up to a few helpful newsletters, including Marketing Brew and PrettyLittleMarketer. I love books and try to read as often as I can. My most recent read is Influence by Robert Cialdini.

Creative and Strategic Thinking

How do you nurture your creativity and approach strategic thinking in your routine?

I nurture my creativity through traveling, self-education, and learning from those ahead of me. I stay up to date on my industry through newsletters and trusted sources such as SocialMediaToday. 

My routine is strategically set up to prioritize health and needle-moving tasks in business. If there’s anything else that needs to be done, I will usually outsource it. 

Are there any practices you follow to overcome creative blocks or decision-making challenges?

To overcome creative blocks, I’ll go out and do something fun/new. Often, we get blocked when we’re spending too much time trying to force ideas. The best ideas usually come when I’m not trying to think of ideas. 

If I’m struggling with a decision, I’ll usually discuss it with my partner (who’s also a business partner) or one of my network. They’ll often have insights that help finalize a decision. 

Evening Routine

How do you wind down and wrap up your workday?

I usually go to the pool in our apartment building or go to a nearby restaurant for food.

Are there any habits or practices you follow to ensure a restful night's sleep?

I don’t have a set routine when it comes to sleep, but I will always set an alarm that makes sure I get a minimum of 7 hours.

Tools and Software

Are there any specific productivity apps or software you believe have been instrumental in your success?

Me+, Forest, Notion, Google Calendar, and GoHighLevel are my toolkit for staying productive and organized. 

Advice and Insights

What's one piece of advice you'd give to someone striving for success in the entrepreneurial world?

Never give up. Most people don’t achieve their dreams because they quit too soon. It takes time, things will go wrong, and you may redirect a few times - but just don’t give up. 

Is there a specific routine or practice you wish you had started earlier in your career?

I wish I’d known about GoHighLevel sooner, as it’s replaced so many systems and made everything far more streamlined.

Reflection and Adaptation

How often do you reflect on your daily routine and make adjustments? What prompts you to make changes?

I reflect on my routine often, as I travel I need to make changes depending on time zones, commitments, etc.

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